Katla Creative


Branding. Presentations. Book covers and layout. Displays and merchandising. Sound about right? 

You belong here.

Katla Creative offers visual solutions for your small business at every point on the roadmap. Maybe you’re just getting started and you want to develop a logo and brand identity for your new venture. Maybe you’re well-established and are interested in refreshing the look and feel of your marketing materials. Maybe you have a good eye for creative yourself but you need a little guidance in launching an email newsletter or developing an eye-popping Keynote or Powerpoint to help you get out there and seal some more deals. Every communication you put out into the world should look like you, sound like you, and do you justice–and we specialize in making that happen.

In Columbus? Let’s meet up for tea (or whiskey) to discuss the design work you need. Out of town? We can still make it happen. Submit inquiries, requests, anxieties, and book recommendations here and we’ll be in touch:

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